Our car tuning shop in Florida is the perfect place to assess the situation in the United States regarding car tuning and car styling, and this state is well-known for its racing tradition and overall fascination with our four-wheeled pets. Of course, cars are beloved across America, and the automotive industry is growing by the day. However, the residents of the United States are not only in love with stock cars, but they are more and more captivated by the charm and endless possibilities of vehicles that are tuned and modified by experts and certified technicians.

Trends In Car Styling In The USA

As we all know, the all-American muscle car has long been the symbol of car styling in the USA, and manufacturers such as Dodge, Chevrolet, or Ford, have produced cars that offered a lot of “space” for additional customizations and modifications. Power upgrades or visual improvements – both of these segments were equally successful in the car tuning culture in the 1980s or 90s, and Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvette have earned iconic status for the tremendous speed and incredible power that they received after some of those makeovers. Over the years, trends have changed and evolved, but movies such as “The Fast and the Furious” or various video games have kept audiences entertained, and car enthusiasts were receiving ideas about potential changes that they could add to their vehicles. Nowadays, car owners still want to demonstrate their status or dominance with some of these customizations, and bold and brash moves are the trademarks of the American car styling culture.

What Can We Expect In The Future

All sorts of cars are coming into our shop in Florida, and we perform successful modifications on all of them, but it seems that European sedans with their race-like capabilities are taking over the automotive market. Also, the Japanese vehicles are very common when it comes to car tuning, and some of these vehicles have a truly iconic status. Florida has an abundance of roads that can be used for street car racing, and even though such activities may be illegal or even dangerous, a lot of these car owners are unable to resist the urge to feel that familiar rush of adrenaline.

Honda Civic – The Ultimate Custom-made Car

Since Japanese cars are so susceptible to modifications, it is no wonder that one them takes the throne as the most modified vehicle in the American market. Honda Civic has a racing pedigree, but it can be used for daily driving around the city, and once you unleash its potential – it can grow into a real beast. Civic is an affordable vehicle, which has a four-wheel drive and comes in various versions, but our experts managed to boost its performances and make a magnificent-looking machine. Honda Civic allows you to perform all sorts of changes, and we decided to alter its exhaust system and transmission, and on the outside, we enhanced its appeal with new body kits and alloy rims.