It is no secret that we all love fast cars, or at least the vast majority of us are fascinated by these amazing machines, but it seems that the guys from Land Down Under are slightly more in love with thoroughbred vehicles than the rest of the world. Various reasons could be the cause for this phenomenon, but statistics are showing that Aussies have the largest number of supercars per capita. In other words, Australia is full of BMWs and Mercedes-Benz AMGs, and these sport sedans or small hot hatches are cruising down the highways around Sydney, Melbourne, or any other city on this continent.

The Features Of Car Tuning In Australia

However, Australians are not just in love with stock supercars, and they also like to drive around in cars that have undergone a makeover. Tuning and styling have a long-lasting tradition in the automotive industry in Australia, and car racing has also been around for a while now. Probably due to vast distances between larger cities in the country, Aussies are forced to rely on powerful and super-fast machines, which resulted in the enormous popularity of V8 and even V12 engines.

Of course, the spacious and luxurious interior was a must in the Australian cars of the 1980s or 90s, and large-sized cars were the dominant form of transportation back in those days. A company called “Holden,” a subsidiary of GM has produced some iconic Australian cars, and their HSV brand was in charge of adding more style and power to the already powerful V8 beasts.

Modern Trends In Car Tuning

But, times are always changing, and new trends are appearing every couple of years, which brought a change in the mindset of the average Australian car owner as well. Nowadays, they mostly want to drive expensive European or Asian supercars, and some of these vehicles can be fully customized. Modifications in engine strength or visual effects are still focused on showing the penchant for power which most Australians have, but quirky and gutsy combinations are not so rare as well.

 An Example Of Australian Tuning

Our shop has completed a lot of car styling projects, but Asian vehicles are a common topic when it comes to Australian car styling culture. And, when we speak of Asian speedsters, Subaru Imprezza WRX STI, is the iconic car that offers ultimate driving characteristics. However, we managed to upgrade even this vehicle, and we are proud of our accomplishment.

In other words, Subie fans from all over the world will be satisfied when they take a look at the new set of performances of this car. We also revamped the interior, and this “pocket rocket” is now significantly more comfortable than before, and, at the same time – it attracts a lot of more attention due to its looks. Rear wing gives this WRX an even more aggressive appearance, and high-riding suspension will also provide the driver with a lot of fun and excitement. Subaru Impreza has a four-wheel drive, and with our performance upgrades – it is stronger than ever.