European car tuning scene is stronger than ever, and the popularity of modified vehicles is growing by the day. Of course, stock cars from top European manufacturers are earning maximum points for their quality and performances, but even these four-wheel beasts can be additionally improved and enhanced. Our shop in Netherlands has lots of stories to tell, and you can get a better insight into the trends of car tuning and car styling when you take a look at one of those services. Netherlands has a strong tradition of offering stylish customized vehicles, and open roads by the shore are everybody’s favorite driving destination.

Characteristics Of European Car Styling

When it comes to the overall European car tuning tradition, this area has several unique features and characteristics, which separate it from the Japanese or American car styling culture, for instance. Like in many other spheres of life, Europeans love subtlety and refinement, and that is why their tuning activities are never exaggerated or extravagant.In other words, they will add a few bits and pieces which will enhance performances of the vehicle or improve aesthetics values of the car, but the pragmatic and refined approach will always act as the foundation for any work that is undertaken.

Sensual forms and high-quality components are a must, and that is why European styling culture is so popular and attractive. Several legendary tuning houses are providing their services to customers in this region, and high levels of competition are “forcing” everyone to further invest in their products and create even better cars.

Golf R – The Perfect Example Of European Tuning Tradition

Our shop in Netherlands has performed tuning on several high-performance vehicles, and we prepared all sorts of cars for street racing across the continent. However, Golf is the archetypal car when it comes to Europe, and R-Line is intended to stand above the great GTI regarding track performance and quality. Golf R is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine, which can produce 290 horsepower. With its adaptive suspension and DSG gearbox – it can also give you a smooth and pleasant driving experience in the city as well. It comes equipped with cruise control, four-wheel drive, and many other useful features.

However, all that was “not enough” for us and we had to see if we can make the amazing R-Line even more eye-catching and dominant. Aesthetic impact of the vehicle was modified with adding 18’’ alloy wheels and various other “low key” additions, which boosted the appeal of the car without making it “too much.” The secret was to find the balance between subtlety and high-quality performances, and Volkswagen has already done a great job with their stock model. When it comes to performances, we added a new air intake system, modified the suspension a bit, and changed the exhaust system entirely, which all resulted in more horsepower and better performances of the car. All in all – clients received an ideal European tuned vehicle.