An alleged drunk driver bears the responsibility of killing a family after getting into an accident on the Howard Frankland Bridge. The victims of the accident are a Leesburg, Florida family that consisted of Karen Getter, 73, Robert Getter, 76, and Samuel Getter, 52.

The alleged drunk driver is 25-year-old Joshua Burbank who currently faces three counts of DUI manslaughter as well as some other driving infractions. Despite the fact that he spent less than 24 hours in the Pinellas County Jail following the accident, if Burbank is convicted, he’ll be looking at a significant stay in a Florida prison. For each charge of DUI manslaughter, Burbank faces a potential 15-year sentence.


Burbank’s neighbors were surprised to learn that he was the person responsible for the wreck. Fox 13 spoke to one of Burbank’s neighbors, Jason Lee. “He doesn’t seem like the careless kind of guy that you see here, drinking, partying and problems. He seems like a family guy.”

This year, the Bay Area police worked extra hard in an attempt to keep the streets safe during the Fourth of July weekend. Not only were there more officers on duty, but several DUI checkpoints were created and the police arrested everyone they suspected was driving while under the influence.

The tragedy of cases like this is that they ruin so many lives. Not only did a wonderful family perish as the results of someone’s ill-advised actions, if convicted, Burbank’s future will be changed forever. He has a rough road ahead of him.

The deaths of the family are a prime example of a wrongful death. They should never have happened. If they hadn’t been struck by Burbank’s car, they would have continued to their home and most likely enjoyed several long and happy years with their loved ones.

While a wrongful death lawsuit won’t bring your loved ones back, your Tampa wrongful death lawyer will help you come to terms with what happened, help you find the closure you need, and make sure that the unexpected deaths don’t cause you to sink into a financial hole you can’t get out of.

It’s important to note that the term wrongful death doesn’t just apply to drunk driving crashes. A wrongful death happens whenever someone dies as the result of another’s actions. These cases can include traffic accidents, medical misdiagnoses, botched surgeries, product related injuries, construction accidents, or gross negligence.

A person can’t simply tell someone who’s responsible for the death of a loved one that they’re to blame and have them hand over a big check. That’s where a Tampa wrongful death lawyer comes into play. They help you determine how large a settlement to ask for, properly file the paperwork, and investigate the case. Most wrongful death cases never make it to the court system and are actually settled during the negotiation phase.

There is a statute of limitations for wrongful death cases so you’ll want to contact a Tampa wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible.