Car Chase Ends in Tragic Teen Death

Car Chase Ends in Tragic Teen Death

After a high-speed police chase ended in a crash, the Lakeland Police Department reported that a local teen had been injured. Fifteen-year-old Milaya Cooper, a resident of Plant City, reportedly died from injuries sustained in the accident shortly after arriving at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

According to WTSP news reports, the tragedy began when police attempted to stop a stolen vehicle in Plant City. As the driver attempted to flee, police continued to pursue the car on Interstate 4 until they neared Memorial Boulevard. According to reports, the driver of the stolen car allegedly tried to run over a police officer from Plant City. When Lakeland officers spotted the stolen car at a gas station, they tried to apprehend the suspect in rapid pursuit. When the car reached a roundabout, the driver lost control and car collided into a tree.

high-speed police chase ended in a crashAs police surrounded the wrecked vehicle, they opened the door on the driver’s side and apprehended 16-year-old Bobby McNeal. He immediately began to struggle against the police and never said anything about a passenger in the car. The impact of the crash had thrown 15-year-old Cooper into the backseat, where she wasn’t immediately visible to responding officers. Moments after the accident, the car caught on fire. More police arrived on the scene and spotted Cooper. They used fire extinguishers to put out the flames and managed to force open one of the rear doors and pull her from the wreckage.

Officials report that Cooper died after being transported to the nearest hospital. McNeal faces a variety of charges related to the accident. In Plant City, he was charged with three counts of “fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer”, two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of aggravated battery. Lakeland police also charged McNeal with attempting to elude and aggravated fleeing resulting in death, driving with no license resulting in death, and manslaughter.

McNeal suffered non-life-threatening injuries from the accident. He was transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment. When his is discharged from the hospital, he will be apprehended and taken to jail.

“This accident was a terrible tragedy for Cooper, an innocent victim who was caught in an unfortunate situation,” said Bill Winters, an attorney from the top-rated Tampa personal injury law firm. “Our condolences go to the teen’s family and friends during their time of loss.”

auto accident

Bill Winters is no stranger to tragic accidents on Florida’s roads. His firm regularly provides aggressive representation to victims of personal injury or wrongful death cases. These Tampa personal injury attorneys offer victims and families the opportunity to receive compensation in the aftermath of a tragic accident. Victims are legally free to see compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. In some cases, additional compensation may be available for pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one was injured in an auto accident caused by another driver, a personal injury attorney can help. Schedule a free consultation to learn about your rights.

The Benefits Of Attending A Car Tuning Seminar

The Benefits Of Attending A Car Tuning Seminar

Sharing the knowledge is a fundamental human necessity, and our entire progress as human beings has been based on the process of sharing and improving our overall library of knowledge. In any line of business – discussions and conversations can be a source of valuable information, and a plenty of those “eureka” moments have happened during those dialogues. That is why car tuning seminars are so important, and these events can significantly help in boosting your expertise and your vehicle styling capabilities.

What Exactly Are Car Tuning Seminars?

Just like any other seminars, car tuning conferences are events where like-minded individuals gather round to discuss the topics that are of most interest to their business goals. In this particular case – they talk about emerging trends in car styling, about the ways in which vehicles can be enhanced, brands and components that are used in the industry, and so on. All of these themes can be a part of a regular car tuning seminar, and heads of distinguishable companies can present and give speeches at these events. As we all know, the global automotive industry is a massive field, and the total worth of this sector is measured in trillions of dollars. That is why prestigious seminars are a chance to present your enterprise and to earn some additional marketing points, and all decent companies are trying as much as possible to appear at one of these conferences.

Discussion topics at car styling seminars

As we just said, the automotive industry is enormous, and this means that a lot of smaller branches and sectors are present in this field. Consequently, the speakers at a car tuning seminar can focus their attention on several aspects. For instance, they can talk about aerodynamics, i.e. about the way air travels around the contours of the vehicle. Aero-maps and wind tunnels are vital ingredients of car manufacturing process, and that is why modern and dynamic vehicles need to be as aerodynamic as possible. Tires are also a common subject of car tuning seminars, and experts can talk about the grip, balance, contact force, and other elements of the tire that can affect the stability or control of the car.

The Positive Aspects Of Car Styling Conferences

If an event is informative and professionally organized, there is no reason for it to leave negative consequences on its attendees. On the contrary, every such seminar will make people learn more about new ideas and new principles that are appearing in the industry, and at the same time – they will be able to remind themselves of some forgotten definitions and tricks. Furthermore, meeting new people means that you can get to know different automotive cultures and habits, which can boost your results and improve the productivity of your car tuning shop. Creating a network of like-minded individuals is the best way to success, and by interacting with other experts, you will have instant access to all the relevant news and information about tuning equipment, components, and materials.

Take A Peek Into The Tuning Process Of The Amazing BMW i8

Take A Peek Into The Tuning Process Of The Amazing BMW i8

Let’s face it – when it comes to building high-end vehicles, Germans are the masters, and their cars are always at the very top of the lists regarding quality and overall performances. The German precision and attention to detail are remarkable, and when you combine this feature with advanced technology they own – you get incredible supercars and powerful four-wheeled beasts. BMW is one of their top tier companies, and this global brand has been producing top-notch vehicles for decades. However, they are not just looking back at their impressive and spotless tradition and history, and this giant of the automotive industry is creating the cars of the future as well.

The Features And Characteristics Of BMW i8

 For those of you who are not familiar with this particular model, BMW i8 is a futuristic conceptual vehicle which has already hit the streets and customers can enjoy the multitude of benefits that this car can bring. Since it originates from the M1 model, the i8 version is a thoroughbred sports car, and even though it is a hybrid – it does not lack power or charisma. As a matter of fact, BMW i8 can reach speeds of up to 155 mph, and it reaches 0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds. These impressive numbers come from the fact that two separate engines power this German high-tech speedster. One engine is electric, and it powers the front wheels while the other one is located behind the driver and it runs on gasoline. Combined – they work like a charm, giving this extraordinary car four-wheel drive and instant acceleration.

How To Boost The Performances Of i8

It can be a bit of challenge to improve on something which is already near-perfect, and this means that you have to make i8 even stronger than it already was. However, a couple of tweaks and engine remapping have allowed us to get the best of this ultimate driving machine, and since this sporty car is so light – it does not need all that much strength to fly down the highway like a rocket. Its petrol engine is a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, and together with the electric engine which is capable of producing 129 horsepower – BMW i8 has the total power of 357 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque.

Adding a front splitter and a rear diffuser allowed us to create additional downforce on this model, and this resulted in better handling at top speeds. Also, minor adjustments have improved the overall fuel economy of the car, which is already great on its own, but our modifications have enhanced the efficiency just a little bit more. All turbocharged engines are very “tuneable,” and the same rule applies to the machine that powers this concept, and it was possible to extract a couple more horsepower from the BMW i8 by replacing the stock induction kit and exhaust system with customized aftermarket additions. The ECU and software alterations resulted in higher top speeds and better acceleration, and that is why our version of the remarkable BMW i8 is even better than the stock model.

5 Essential Tips On How To Boost Your Car’s Performances

5 Essential Tips On How To Boost Your Car’s Performances

Whether we want to admit or not, almost every car owner would want to have a faster car than the one he or she owns now, and even the smallest of upgrades would be a welcoming addition if they meant that the vehicle in question would behave better on the road or offer better performances. However, only a handful of enthusiasts are familiar with the actual process of enhancing stock cars, and “ordinary” car owners are, just like the rest of – scared of the unknown. They don’t want to cause unwanted complications, or break something, but in reality – the process is quite simple, and a lot of those activities can be performed in a flash.

Of course, it is always best to take the car to a specialized shop where skilled and certified technicians will install everything correctly, and they will make sure that your vehicle offers top performances. Even though visual improvements are also common, we will provide you with five easy tips for making your four-wheeled pet significantly faster and more powerful.

Add a turbo

The turbocharger can produce incredible power hikes, and you can receive up to 50 horsepower once you install this component. Of course, turbocharged engines will demand modifications in other areas, but they will be worth it in the end. Naturally aspirated engines (NASP) are common in the market, but turbochargers are the components that make the difference between conventional vehicles and the elite speedsters. In case you are tired of the same old performances of your car – equipping it with turbo power is the first step towards speeding down the highway at 100 mph.

 Air intake

One of the elements that will be affected by adding a turbocharger is the air intake. In other words, the beast under the hood will need much more air to breath than before, and that is why new air filters and air sensors are a must. A compatible induction kit will maximize the airflow, boosting your vehicle with additional 15 horsepower, or more, depending on the size and quality of the new system.

Cylinder head

Properly tuned headers are an essential requirement for good performances of your car, and that is why car tuning shops will take care of this element for you. With improved cylinders, your airflow control will be much smoother than before, therefore offering much more boost to your overall engine power.


The air that comes in must have a convenient way out, and custom-built exhaust systems can significantly facilitate this process. High-performance mufflers or larger diameter pipes can be the solution you need, and your car will thank you for it. It will get rid of the unnecessary burden, which will allow it to fly even faster than ever before.

ECU tuning

Since every modern car is controlled by the computer, ECU tuning can override this module and offer better performances of the vehicle. A simple chip swap can reward your ride with additional 25 horsepower, but the benefits could be even greater, depending on the extent of remapping that you perform.

Learn More About The American Car Tuning Tradition

Learn More About The American Car Tuning Tradition

Our car tuning shop in Florida is the perfect place to assess the situation in the United States regarding car tuning and car styling, and this state is well-known for its racing tradition and overall fascination with our four-wheeled pets. Of course, cars are beloved across America, and the automotive industry is growing by the day. However, the residents of the United States are not only in love with stock cars, but they are more and more captivated by the charm and endless possibilities of vehicles that are tuned and modified by experts and certified technicians.

Trends In Car Styling In The USA

As we all know, the all-American muscle car has long been the symbol of car styling in the USA, and manufacturers such as Dodge, Chevrolet, or Ford, have produced cars that offered a lot of “space” for additional customizations and modifications. Power upgrades or visual improvements – both of these segments were equally successful in the car tuning culture in the 1980s or 90s, and Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvette have earned iconic status for the tremendous speed and incredible power that they received after some of those makeovers. Over the years, trends have changed and evolved, but movies such as “The Fast and the Furious” or various video games have kept audiences entertained, and car enthusiasts were receiving ideas about potential changes that they could add to their vehicles. Nowadays, car owners still want to demonstrate their status or dominance with some of these customizations, and bold and brash moves are the trademarks of the American car styling culture.

What Can We Expect In The Future

All sorts of cars are coming into our shop in Florida, and we perform successful modifications on all of them, but it seems that European sedans with their race-like capabilities are taking over the automotive market. Also, the Japanese vehicles are very common when it comes to car tuning, and some of these vehicles have a truly iconic status. Florida has an abundance of roads that can be used for street car racing, and even though such activities may be illegal or even dangerous, a lot of these car owners are unable to resist the urge to feel that familiar rush of adrenaline.

Honda Civic – The Ultimate Custom-made Car

Since Japanese cars are so susceptible to modifications, it is no wonder that one them takes the throne as the most modified vehicle in the American market. Honda Civic has a racing pedigree, but it can be used for daily driving around the city, and once you unleash its potential – it can grow into a real beast. Civic is an affordable vehicle, which has a four-wheel drive and comes in various versions, but our experts managed to boost its performances and make a magnificent-looking machine. Honda Civic allows you to perform all sorts of changes, and we decided to alter its exhaust system and transmission, and on the outside, we enhanced its appeal with new body kits and alloy rims.

Discover The Nature Of European Car Tuning Scene

Discover The Nature Of European Car Tuning Scene

European car tuning scene is stronger than ever, and the popularity of modified vehicles is growing by the day. Of course, stock cars from top European manufacturers are earning maximum points for their quality and performances, but even these four-wheel beasts can be additionally improved and enhanced. Our shop in Netherlands has lots of stories to tell, and you can get a better insight into the trends of car tuning and car styling when you take a look at one of those services. Netherlands has a strong tradition of offering stylish customized vehicles, and open roads by the shore are everybody’s favorite driving destination.

Characteristics Of European Car Styling

When it comes to the overall European car tuning tradition, this area has several unique features and characteristics, which separate it from the Japanese or American car styling culture, for instance. Like in many other spheres of life, Europeans love subtlety and refinement, and that is why their tuning activities are never exaggerated or extravagant.In other words, they will add a few bits and pieces which will enhance performances of the vehicle or improve aesthetics values of the car, but the pragmatic and refined approach will always act as the foundation for any work that is undertaken.

Sensual forms and high-quality components are a must, and that is why European styling culture is so popular and attractive. Several legendary tuning houses are providing their services to customers in this region, and high levels of competition are “forcing” everyone to further invest in their products and create even better cars.

Golf R – The Perfect Example Of European Tuning Tradition

Our shop in Netherlands has performed tuning on several high-performance vehicles, and we prepared all sorts of cars for street racing across the continent. However, Golf is the archetypal car when it comes to Europe, and R-Line is intended to stand above the great GTI regarding track performance and quality. Golf R is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine, which can produce 290 horsepower. With its adaptive suspension and DSG gearbox – it can also give you a smooth and pleasant driving experience in the city as well. It comes equipped with cruise control, four-wheel drive, and many other useful features.

However, all that was “not enough” for us and we had to see if we can make the amazing R-Line even more eye-catching and dominant. Aesthetic impact of the vehicle was modified with adding 18’’ alloy wheels and various other “low key” additions, which boosted the appeal of the car without making it “too much.” The secret was to find the balance between subtlety and high-quality performances, and Volkswagen has already done a great job with their stock model. When it comes to performances, we added a new air intake system, modified the suspension a bit, and changed the exhaust system entirely, which all resulted in more horsepower and better performances of the car. All in all – clients received an ideal European tuned vehicle.




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