Whether we want to admit or not, almost every car owner would want to have a faster car than the one he or she owns now, and even the smallest of upgrades would be a welcoming addition if they meant that the vehicle in question would behave better on the road or offer better performances. However, only a handful of enthusiasts are familiar with the actual process of enhancing stock cars, and “ordinary” car owners are, just like the rest of – scared of the unknown. They don’t want to cause unwanted complications, or break something, but in reality – the process is quite simple, and a lot of those activities can be performed in a flash.

Of course, it is always best to take the car to a specialized shop where skilled and certified technicians will install everything correctly, and they will make sure that your vehicle offers top performances. Even though visual improvements are also common, we will provide you with five easy tips for making your four-wheeled pet significantly faster and more powerful.

Add a turbo

The turbocharger can produce incredible power hikes, and you can receive up to 50 horsepower once you install this component. Of course, turbocharged engines will demand modifications in other areas, but they will be worth it in the end. Naturally aspirated engines (NASP) are common in the market, but turbochargers are the components that make the difference between conventional vehicles and the elite speedsters. In case you are tired of the same old performances of your car – equipping it with turbo power is the first step towards speeding down the highway at 100 mph.

 Air intake

One of the elements that will be affected by adding a turbocharger is the air intake. In other words, the beast under the hood will need much more air to breath than before, and that is why new air filters and air sensors are a must. A compatible induction kit will maximize the airflow, boosting your vehicle with additional 15 horsepower, or more, depending on the size and quality of the new system.

Cylinder head

Properly tuned headers are an essential requirement for good performances of your car, and that is why car tuning shops will take care of this element for you. With improved cylinders, your airflow control will be much smoother than before, therefore offering much more boost to your overall engine power.


The air that comes in must have a convenient way out, and custom-built exhaust systems can significantly facilitate this process. High-performance mufflers or larger diameter pipes can be the solution you need, and your car will thank you for it. It will get rid of the unnecessary burden, which will allow it to fly even faster than ever before.

ECU tuning

Since every modern car is controlled by the computer, ECU tuning can override this module and offer better performances of the vehicle. A simple chip swap can reward your ride with additional 25 horsepower, but the benefits could be even greater, depending on the extent of remapping that you perform.